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Unlike any other lighting product available today, Looma Lamps are a unique hybrid of modern design and technology and old-world craftsmanship. Made of handmade kiln-fired glass, bamboo and LEDs, our lamps are built to last a lifetime using sustainable materials.

With the ability to change light color and swap glass plates, Looma offers an entirely new approach to lighting. Fired in a kiln for over twenty hours, each piece of glass is one of a kind. The colored glass and lighting create spectacular combinations of light and color, dramatically enhancing the mood of any space.


Add fun, color and ambiance to any room.

Looma Lamps

One Lamp, Many Moods.

Using RGB LEDs and a remote control, each Looma Lamp can change color creating a wide variety

of options to suit any mood. Watch the video below to see how our lamps change color.

Lightbox Design

Constructed from bamboo plywood our lightboxes make an attractive frame for our unique glass plates. Our lightboxes are available in two finishes: natural (light) and amber (dark). Watch a timelapse video showing how the parts for our Looma Lamps are cut on a CNC machine. The process normally takes over two hours.


All of our lamps include RGB LEDs that can change color. Mix your own colors using the Red, Green and Blue light knobs on the back. Millions of color possibilities!

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