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Glass Wall Panels

These glass panels can be customized in terms of dimensions and color palette. Each piece is unique and handmade from over 350 strips of high quality art glass. Panels can be easily mounted to the wall.  Contact us for more information.

A set of three blue wall panels.

A commission for a private residence in San Francisco. Each panel measures 8.75"x48"x0.5" and is hung on the wall using aluminum standoffs that are permanently adhered to the back of the glass.

A three panel commission for a private residence in San Francisco, CA.

The three panels shining in the sun.

Rotating Glass Panels

A set of two rotating glass panels with solid brass bases.

Four Custom Glass Panels

Four custom glass panels measuring 42"x6"x0.5".

Detail of a set of four wall panels.
Set of four custom wall panels

Detail of a set of four wall panels.

Eight custom windows

A custom set of eight small windows for a residence in San Francisco.

12"x48"x0.5" Panel

Detail of a custom glass panel.



Rainbow Panel

This rainbow gradient panel is made up of hundreds of glass transparent and opaque glass pieces. This panel measures 42"x6"x0.5"

Rainbow panel detail.

A custom glass panel measuring 48"x12"x0.5".

49"x23.5"x0.5" custom glasswork in front of a color changing LED lightbox

49"x23.5"x0.5" custom glasswork

Orange light appearing through the glass.

Each panel measures 8.75"x48"x0.5" and is made from approximately 400 pieces of glass.

A custom glass panel for a client in Newport Beach, CA.

Detail showing sunlight being tinted by the glasswork.

Backlit with sunlight.

A series of panels leaning against the wall.

Custom Wall Panel

This custom panel measures 8.75"x48"x0.5".

Edge detail.

Each panel is made from a combination of opaque and translucent glasses.

Custom Glass Panel Detail

Edge Detail Showing Opaque and Transparent Glass Stripes.

Four panels leaning in the sun. These panels are strong enough to be used outdoors.

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